Super Mario Flash

Controls: < ^Jump> < < ->right >< v crouch > < [Space Bar] Throw/ RUn > By far the best u mario flash adaptation you can find on the web, for free no less. Smooth and with great controls, this game is glitch free and comes with numerous oprions including a level editor. If you…


People Without Teeth 2

Celebrities Without Teeth Arnold Schwarzenegereger Without Teeth NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rooster lady gets it If only more people would embrace the rooster look like this hero Steve Kardynal Without Teeth Stop Girl Without Teeth Cameron Diaz Without Teeth Leah Michelle WIthout Teeth Overly Attached Girlfriend Without Teeth


Wanz …All about the Seattle Based Singer Michael Wansley aka TeeWanz

Wanz or TeeWanz (“tee” + “W-on-z”), the Singer in Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” who looks incredible in your Grandad’s clothes is actually a 51 year old computer programmer from Seattle, Washington named Michael Wansley. Self described as a “jack of all trades” regarding his computer coding prowess, Wanz could expand that classification on a much broader…


People Without Teeth

Have you ever wondered why you’re not happy with your life? Maybe it has something to do with your teeth The point of this blog is to show to you how b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. you as humans can be if you just ditch the teeth. We’ve been fine without teeth. Look how beautiful we are. Look. Don’t…


Ice JJ Fish – IceJJFish – On The Floor (Girl)

The true story about IceJJFish (courtesy Welp, in case you didn’t already know, we live in a truly exciting (depressing?) time. It’s a time when someone can get just as famous, if not more so, with a confident and terrible voice as they can with a good voice. It’s a time when our society’s…